Lady Gaga married the night on daytime TV today, performing her latest single 'Marry the Night' as a pink tutu-wearing ballerina. In the interview clip, Gaga said the song is about marrying the obstacles in your life and being proud of them. Well, she certainly embraced the obstacle of balancing on a pair of platform ballerina toe shoes that made her at least a foot taller!

The singer formerly known as Stefani Germanotta began the performance surrounded by other pink-clad ballet dancers positioned on a spinning platform. They were like a live, human music box. Perhaps Gaga was inspired by 'Black Swan.' Gaga had to clutch the balance beam on the platform, as she was teetering on those shoes. There is no way she could have remained bipedal without it. Those shoes were impossible to navigate in, but they were high-fashion and covetable.

They also allowed her to be extra graceful and cat-like, doing delicate dance moves with her arms.
Remember, there is a latex-clad ballet dancing Gaga in the official 'MTN' vid.

Gaga also told Ellen, "It's about marrying the darkness and what is difficult about your life. It's asking you to bear your struggles close to your heart and be proud of them."

Gaga eventually removed those struggle-inducing shoes so she could be more mobile. She played a keytar, which was pink and rocket-shaped. It was refreshing to see the Mother Monster look the part of rock star, knuckling down on an instrument other than her piano!

She also spoke about acting, as well.

Afternoon TV watchers, such as moms and kids coming home from school, can digest a pink ballerina with dominatrix toe shoes much more easily than they can a black latex-clad Mother Monster, right?

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