Footage of Lady Gaga filming the video for 'Marry the Night' has surfaced and the Mother Monster is dressed in her usual uniform of black shorts, black bra top and thigh-high black boots that mean business. With her hair fashioned in a short blond bob (another look we've seen and like), she climbs atop the roof of a car and is then bumping and grinding on the hood of the car!

There is also some sort of trash bag was being hoisted over her as she writhes suggestively on the car. We've got a rear view -- literally, as we definitely see several shots of Gaga's shapely derriere -- so we're not sure what the trash bag has to do with the action. Maybe it's not a prop and is part of the crew's equipment somehow? Who knows, since we've never shot a video before.

Things also catch on fire. Well, Gaga generates heat, so it's no wonder things are combusting in her presence, right?

This portion was reportedly shot on a rooftop in Harlem at night. Since Gaga is the bride of the after hours, we didn't expect much of this video to be filmed in broad daylight.

Photos from the shoot have also surfaced, where Gaga's famous pout was painted a mega wattage shade of bright blue. She's also dancing in the streets with a crew behind her, wearing heels and a strapless, short, black leather, body hugging one-piece jumpsuit. We can't wait til they start mass producing this look and selling it at H+M. It's a sporty yet fashion forward ensemble that's bound to inspire copycat looks.

Did we mention we love the icy blue lipstick? Oh, how we love Haus of Gaga.

Watch Lady Gaga in 'Marry the Night' Video Footage