Lady Gaga is now a Disney star, at least for a cameo in a five-minute, animated short film, fulfilling a lifelong dream of hers.

She stars in 'Electric Holiday,' the adorable, animated short released by N.Y.C. luxe department store Barney's. Mother Monster stars alongside the likes of Minnie Mouse and Cruella de Vil, as well as fellow fashion plates Naomi Campbell and Sarah Jessica Parker. The video is fashion heaven, bursting at the seams with stylistas.

The video is whimsical, with Gaga seen in a magenta dress on the red carpet before a fashion show. Minnie eventually walks a Parisian runway wearing a Lanvin creation, looking faboo. Gaga is in the crowd, taking it all in and admiring how fashion-forward Minnie has become.

Meanwhile, Snow White is amazeballs in her couture dress, a take on her traditional, familiar blue and yellow frock. That meanie Cruella de Vil is also in the clip, walking with a regal gait and strut.

Gaga posted the video to Facebook, and exclaimed: " it is my LIFE DREAM to be in a Disney one step closer!!! : ) this is a short film they did for BARNEY'S."

Gaga, you're not almost there. You are there. So cross the dream to be in a Disney flick off the bucket list.