Lady Gaga is keeping the avant garde motif going in the wake of her Fame fragrance launch in New York City, where she slept in a life-sized perfume bottle, let people touch her hand and had the back of her head tattooed. Gaga hit up hatmaker Philip Treacy's show in London on Sunday (Sept. 16) and she did so in out-there style: With a crown of flowers on her head and framing her face. It looked like a floral beard.

So obviously, this was no ordinary crown of flowers worn like, say, a princess or a bridesmaid would. Her face was framed by an assorted of multi-colored petals. You could see only a little bit of her eyes, nose and lips, thanks to this intricate and elaborate headpiece. While we can't see the back, it looks like her entire head was encased by flowers. That must've smelled lovely!

The singer watched the rehearsals and had a front row seat to the show. She also walked the runway later on that evening wearing what looked like a hot pink, sheer burka. We love it when she models, like she did for Thierry Mugler a while back. She took a dramatic approach just as she did for Mugler's show, raising her arms in the pink burka and sashaying ever-so slowly.

Gaga actually applied to be an intern for Treacy, whose outrageously fashion forward hats were worn by members of the royal family (among others) at Kate and Billy's wedding last April. Gaga takes head gear quite seriously and was front at center at her favorite milliner's fashion show.

What do you think of Lady Gaga's floral headpiece, PopCrushers? Super fashionable or super ridic?

Watch Lady Gaga Model at the Philip Treacy Show in London