Lady Gaga has garnered an incredible amount of accolades this year, and there have been few pop stars more visible in the public sphere than Mother Monster. In the last month alone, Gaga's had a Thanksgiving special, received a handful of Grammy nominations, shared her magnum opus of a video for 'Marry the Night' with the world, and appeared on two magazine covers. We're reaching Gaga super-saturation, y'all.

But is she too saturated? Billboard readers seem to think so: They've given the pop superstar the dubious honor of the year's most overrated artist, beating out fellow noms Britney Spears and Justin Bieber for the side-eye title.

We doubt Gaga is too bummed over it, though, since Forbes just declared her the year's highest-earning female musician. If she gets depressed, she can just fill a swimming pool full of cash and roll around in it. And even if the broader public seems to think she's overrated, her incredibly passionate fanbase of Little Monsters, and the critics who have continued to hail her album as one of the best of the year, will be there to give her all of the validation she could ever need!