Lady Gaga's two-hour 'Oprah's Last Chapter' special airs Sunday, March 18, at 9 PM ET, on OWN. The big to-do about the interview is that Gaga has proclaimed, via a preview clip, that this will be her last major chat for quite some time as she enacts a media moratorium. Leaking that particular sound byte could be a savvy promotional strategy employed by OWN execs in order to get people to watch and send the ratings through the roof, since Gaga might be shutting up for a while. Even so, the special is worth watching, since the Mother Monster is joined by her own mama, the lovely (and lookalike) Cynthia Germanotta, during the chat.

In this new, brief clip, Mrs. G talks about the early days of her mega famous daughter's career, "when Gaga started emerging." She recalls a particular incident that took place at Joe's Pub in downtown Manhattan. "She was in a bikini and decided to light hairspray on fire," Mama Germanotta said in a matter of fact tone. "Some people left when that happened and other people stayed and thought it was cool. Her father said, 'Honestly, I think she has a screw loose.'"

Screws loose or not, Gaga is a talented and brilliant pop star and we're sure that Cynthia and Joe G. are proud of their daughter. How can they not be?

Gaga also spoke to Oprah about her familial aspirations during this interview.

Tune in on March 18 at 9 PM ET to OWN to find out more about Gaga and her family.

Watch Lady Gaga's Mother Talk to Oprah