Lady Gaga is such a style chameleon that it only took her a half an hour to change wigs and clothes to return to the stage to accept an award. Gaga boasted a long, flowy version of the same turquoise hair color she wore during her show-opening performance of 'The Edge of Glory,' along with a brightly colored blue, red and yellow pantsuit, when she came on stage to accept her award for Much Music International Video of the Year Artist for 'Judas.'

The award was extra-special for Gaga, who must build muscles during awards season as she tends to carry home armfuls of awards at every turn. Gaga co-helmed the video with her creative director and artistic partner-in-crime Laurieann Gibson, and Gibson accompanied Gaga on stage to accept the award.

"This was Laurieann's and my first time directing a video together," Gaga said during her speech. "Laurieann is also from Canada," the singer pointed out.

The 'Judas' video was the subject of much criticism when it debuted, thanks to the way Gaga twisted religious and Biblical imagery held sacred by Catholics for the sake of artistic expression. So when Gaga said, "Always stick by what you believe in and always stand by your vision" before screaming "we did it" as she engulfed Gibson in a supersized hug, it was no surprise. She stuck to her creative guns when making the video, despite the backlash she knew she would receive.

She was rewarded in the end with the Much Music International Video of the Year Artist awards!

Watch Lady Gaga Accept the International Video of the Year Artist Award at the 2011 MMVAs