A new photo of Lady Gaga naked and wrapped on little more than clear, see-through plastic, ankle-length "skirt" has surfaced. The photo is decidedly NSFW, since Gaga's breasts are exposed and while her nipples look covered in some sort of makeup that distorts them, the suggestion is still there and visible. It's a very BDSM-like photo, as Gaga appears to almost be bound in Saran Wrap.

The images is supposedly being used to promote the Born This Way Ball tour which kicks of in South Korea in April.

Gaga's long platinum hair covers her other breast, and she's wearing clear, knee-high stripper boots with Lucite heels. You can see laces through her plastic "bottom" She's also wearing a clear plastic hat, too.

It's clingy. It's see-through. It leaves little to the imagination. It shows off Gaga's trim body. The attire begs the question: Why wear anything at all, then? How about a few strategically placed pasties or something?

But then again, the Mother Monster's prefers outrageous outfits, no matter how skimpy, to no outfit at all.

She's also leaning against and holing on to a rusted, wrought iron fence, further upping the sexy quotient of this shot.