She's lost her Twitter throne to Justin Bieber and was stripped of over several million YouTube views. So needless to say, Lady Gaga's social media stats, in terms of numbers, aren't as impressive as they once were and have taken a hit. But does that make her the Fallen Star of 2012, at least in web circles? Well, that's a complicated question without an easy answer.

AccuraCast, a search engine marketing agency in London that tracks a celeb's status in the digital realm, has slapped Ma Monster with its 2012 Fallen Star label due to a marked decrease in people searching for Gaga on the web. Her search engine stats are lower.

The quicker the rise, the quicker the fall, right? Well, it's not quite so fair of an assessment.

The AccuraCast graphic points that her web interest spiked as she began to rise in popularity. That makes sense. But now, she has fallen to pre-'Fame' levels. That would also make sense. She's not as "new."

The firm also claims that she is as searched online now as she was in 2008, before she achieved any measure of massive fame. While Gaga grabbed headlines last year on tour and by losing and gaining weight, she wasn't as visible as she was in 2011, when she had an album to promote. So it would make sense that web searches on the singer weren't as high.

These are fair points, but they are not all-telling.

First, Gaga has been busier making music than engaging in online antics. She also doesn't pose topless every three seconds, and she is more concerned about making 'ARTPOP' than simply by being a bare-all pop star at this point. She is focusing on the task at hand.

Also, being dethroned by The Biebs on Twitter was bound to happen, as he had a much more active year. Plus, the value of Twitter followings isn't in the sheer number of people who follow you but how many people retweet the posts. The RT is the real value. So having a bajillion followers isn't as big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.

She also launched her own social media site,, which seems to be her focus, more so than Twitter. In about two weeks, she will have a million little monsters using the site, which is impressive since it hasn't even been active for a whole year. It shows the strength of her fan army.

It's unfair for AccuraCast to claim that since her search figures are down, people are bored by her antics. She hasn't had as much "shocking" or "crazy" stuff going on and she's not going shirtless and Instagramming at every opportunity, like someone whose name we won't mention. She's focusing on less "sexy" headlines like the Born This Way Foundation or the Born Brave bus.

To say that people are "over" her would be like pointing out that she sold four million fewer copies of 'Born This Way' than 'The Fame' so it's a flop. The scale needs to be adjusted for reverse inflation, since the music industry's sales numbers are down as a whole. This is not a problem unique to Lady Gaga. So think about it in that context.

She may have done some interesting but unsalacious things in 2012, but it wasn't a "full on" year for her, so to call her a Fallen Star is a bit harsh. It's also a spin on statistics, which can be totally spun the other way.

We don't think Lady Gaga is the 2012 Fallen Star of the digital age. Check back at the end of this year to see where Ma Monster's at.

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