Lady Gaga's allegiance to the LGBT community is unwavering, from her support of the repeal to "Don't Ask Don’t Tell" to the lyrics of 'Born This Way,' to even the fact that she isn't afraid to dress in drag as her male alter ego, the mysterious Jo Calderone.

In a recent chat with the Huffington Post, which focused on her relationship to and with the gay community, Gaga was asked about the fact that she identified as bisexual during her interview with fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, which caused the Mother Monster to muse if she has ever even been in love. You know, that "ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other love" that Carrie Bradshaw once spoke of on 'Sex and the City?' Gaga may not have felt that … Yet!

When chatting with JPG, Gaga admitted that even though she identifies as bi, she has never been in love with a woman, which got her wheels turning on the very concept of love during her Huff Po chat.

"Love is an interesting thing," she said. "Perhaps I've never been in love before -- I don't really know? I think I have. I guess it's subjective in that way. I just have so much respect for my friends who live bisexual lives and who live transgender lives and who every single day have to fight for their identity and have to deal with all the things that come along with sexual orientation."

Gaga also explained that she doesn't want her sexuality to become a gossipy vehicle to help her move units. She said, "I like to be as open but as diplomatic as I can be in order not to sensationalize bisexuality in pop music. I have no interest in using my sexual orientation to sell records. I like to be as poignant as I can be about saying the kind of bisexual woman I am."

Gaga also made reference to her alter ego, Jo Calderone, who showed up at the VMAs this year in her stead. Gaga understands that Jo could be a transgendered man and has left many details regarding Jo up to interpretation. In fact, she invites people to think what they wish about Mr. Calderone.

"Reading Jo in any kind of way is a fair reading," she said. "The performance of Jo is meant to manipulate the visualization of gender in as many ways as I possibly could. And in a completely different way, sort of do that by creating what seems to be a straight man -- a straight and quite relatable American man."

Jo was also designed to shake things up a little, as well. "I wanted to see how I could take someone who is so approachable and so relatable and press a much more unrelatable issue that is so hidden or so chained up. [I wanted to see] how I could put someone who is challenging all of those things in a very pop culture moment and force people to deal with it no matter how uncomfortable or exciting it may be," Gaga said.

These are the reasons that Gaga is such an icon in the LGBT community.