Lady Gaga was snapped leaving Hollywood hotspot Chateau Marmont on April 21 and showed off a white hot blond bob.

Since Gaga is always dying her hair all the different colors of the rainbow and wears wigs on a near-daily basis when performing and out-and-about, it's likely this short 'do is her real hair.

All that processing and styling takes its toll on natural strands, but at least she is able to rock an angled and stylish bob underneath, you know, green and pink locks! The ends are sorta ratty and are in desperate need a trim, but that ragged textured gives it a rock 'n' roll vibe.

She looks a bit stressed, since she is still recovering from surgery, but also a bit like Marilyn Monroe with that coif and the extreme, winged liner.

Gaga was being driven in a white car, as opposed to wheeled around in her fabulous wheelchair.

Pacific Coast News
Pacific Coast News

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