This was no wardrobe malfunction! There are no accidents when it comes to Lady Gaga and fashion. When the singer hit Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills last night (July 10), she flashed her nipples through a sheer black bra-top and ensemble. Strange attire for a fancy dinner, no?

Her outfits are always carefully planned, so there is no way she "accidentally" flashed her headlights. What may have been an accident, though, were the other images of her smoking pot.

Gaga wore black sunglasses and black gloves with a black bodysuit featuring dominatrix-like straps down to her knees before dinner. That had to be difficult to walk in. She made the process of strolling even more difficult with her towering, skyscraper bootie heels. Our favorite part of Gaga's outfit was her black, WWE-style belt, complete with gold hardware. It added another layer of toughness to an already tough look.

According to The Daily Mail, Gaga was also spotted smoking pot after leaving the trendy eatery! She has never hid her fondness for the green stuff -- admitting in her '60 Minutes' interview in Feb. 2011 that she smokes "a lot of pot when I write music." Maybe that means she is currently working on new music while hanging, eating and flipping the bird in L.A.?

Gaga was photographed taking a hit off a gold pipe in the backseat of her car on her way back from dinner. Even though she is honest about her pot usage, she probably didn't care to be photographed while doing so.

Remember, Gaga traveled from Australia and likely has jet lag, and can use some herbal refreshment to help her relax. Toking up surely helps with that stress!

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