This is eerie and cosmic! Lady Gaga shared 'No Floods,' a demo of a song she wrote when she was only 16, on Twitter, as almost a love letter to her Hurricane Sandy-ravaged hometown of NYC. What's old is new, and what's old appears to be prophetic.

Gaga was actively tweeting while on tour and far away from the superstorm's wind and soaking rains, sending her love and support, and wishing she was there with her loved ones. Since she couldn't help in cleanup and post-storm missions with her hands, she shared this song. The lyrics feel like foreshadowing, since she sings about how "you can't flood this town."

The song references downtown trains and other NYC hallmarks, which really makes it hit home even harder. She picked the perfect time to share this piano ballad, the vocals of which are decidedly Gaga.

The song is about how she will "Close my eyes / And dream / Because life is never really what is seems," and how nothing will hold her down and nothing will ever stop her. That's not only the spirit of  Gaga -- it's the unsinkable spirit of her hometown. If there was one perfect gift she could give her home city in its time of need, it was 'No Floods.'

The Mother Monster and native New Yorker tweeted: "i wrote this song when i was 16. so weird to hear it now because of hurricane. "NO FLOODS" hope this will cheer u up."

Any PopCrushers dealing with the effects and aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy feel totally cheered up by this song? We sure are!

Thanks Gaga for showing your love the best way you know how.

Listen to Lady Gaga, 'No Floods'