Lady Gaga was photographed in Los Angeles last night in a simple black dress, splashed with a purple flower and yellow vine appliqué on the front. The dress is a knee-length, one-shoulder shift, a far cry from the outrageous ensembles she is known for. She's usually in leather, latex or pants-less. Here, she looks just as stunning by going simple. We almost don't believe that it's Gaga.

The Mother Monster's accessories aren't over the top, either. Even her sunglasses are understated -- they're black and with square lenses. She also boasts a small clutch in her hand, while her wrist is encased in a gold statement cuff that snakes halfway up her arm.

Her wig is super lush and long and platinum blonde, but she still looks white hot.

The heels, though, are Gage-esque through and through. They are sky high, black platforms. The red soles indicate that they are likely Christian Loboutins, since that's his signature. At least when she "dresses down," Gaga still steps up, when it comes to heels.

The fingernails are uber-Gaga, as well. Long, red, dagger-like. Some things will never change.

This is the most "normal" we've ever seen the Mother Monster look. However, it's not a "boring" look. It's still high fashion. It's just not out-of-this-world and over-the-top. She still likes as stunning as if she were wearing underwear as outerwear or head-to-toe leather.