If you can allocate $1850 of your budget for rent and the Lower East Side of New York City is a desirable location for you, you can move into Lady Gaga's pre-fame digs. The address is 176 Stanton Street and it's a one bedroom, one bath low rise with French doors and a marble bath. Another plus? Pets are permitted. To non-New Yorkers, that's a steep cost. However, to those who reside in the area, it's a price to be expected. It's New York City! Livin' ain't cheap.

SPIN first reported that the apartment is on the market and available. Recent tenant Emily Ting was living in the abode when Gaga and Anderson Cooper visited the space for her '60 Minutes' profile back in February. Ting turned them away since she had the flu at the time -- guess she didn't want to give them her germs or be seen on camera battling what feels like death.

It's a cute little hole in the wall and you can view the photos here. The realtor announces the fact that it was Gaga's former dwelling in the sales pitch, along with the fact that it's close to trains and local nightlife. So if $2000 per month in rent isn't financially suffocating to you, you may have found your new home. Keep in mind that you can get a mortgage across the Hudson in Jersey for less than that.