Lady Gaga loves her song 'You and I' so much, she is dedicating an entire EP to it. A special 'You and I' digital EP will hit retailers on Sept. 18 and it will feature seven different, revamped renditions of the song.

According to NME, a physical copy will also be made available to Gaga's little monsters, but this version will only feature the Metronomy remix of 'You and I' as well as Wild Beast's take on the tune. On the digital version, fans can also take in remixes from Mark Taylor, 10 Kings, ATB, Danny Verde, and Hector Fonesca.

'You and I' is Lady Gaga's fourth single off of her 'Born This Way' album, following the title track, 'Judas' and 'The Edge of Glory.' Gaga made history when she performed the track in drag (as her alter, foul-mouthed ego Jo Calderone) live at the 2011 MTV Music Video Awards.

Recently, Gaga released a fashion film set to the music of 'You and I.' Her official music video for the song also features several fashion statements, including her drag king Jo Calderone, a mermaid suit, and a black thong dominatrix-type outfit.