Lady Gaga doesn't merely appear on the cover of magazines anymore. Her magazine covers are literally larger than life, as her Visionaire cover so deftly demonstrates. Gaga is a dirty mermaid, who is slicked with a black, oily substance, sports American flag colored hair and rocks a fin while coated in scales. She also appears on the back cover, seated in a director's chair, with the same amount of oily substance smeared on her body. This said substance is also shown on the cover of her forthcoming remix set.

We're not sure if Gaga-as-black-oiled-mermaid is another incarnation of her Yuyi alter ego from the 'You & I' video -- but it's not only the images that make this cover so striking. It's the fact that there are other versions of the cover available and they are massive in size and scope.

There is a 5X7 foot deluxe version of the cover, which was shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, the collaborators of her 'You & I' fashion videos, available. The cost of these covers is steep, with the standard version costing $375 while the larger-than-life deluxe version has a $1500 price tag attached to it. Seems as though little monsters on a tight budget or a fixed income won't be affixing this cover to their walls or adorning their bookshelves with it anytime soon.

Visionaire claims that the Gaga cover is the largest ever produced and that they broke their own previously held record to do so.

Want a copy? Then you need to head to the Visionaire Gallery in Manhattan or go here.

Visionaire has been in existence for 20 years and the mission is to give iconic artists and image-makers a forum to take their vision to a massive scale. So if Gaga wanted to be a larger-than-life mermaid, she certainly got her chance courtesy of Visionaire.