Lady Gaga made a massive announcement when she debuted the video for 'You & I' for broadcast on MTV tonight. Rather, she let the little monsters make the announcement via a banner the crowd assembled outside of MTV's studios in Times Square held up.

The good news? Gaga will open the 2011 MTV VMAs with her performance this year. The VMAs air on Sunday, Aug. 28 and they are sure to kick off with a bang since Gaga is involved. She is probably planning something utterly massive so you'll want to park yourself in front of the couch at 8PM ET so you don't miss a thing.

Gaga made an appearance at the MTV studios dressed in a summer white ensemble. She wore a huge brimmed white hat and white lace dress with protrusions from the hips. She accessorized in black: Sunglasses, skinny belt, tights and shoes. When MTV's Sway asked Gaga about the announcement, she said she was happy to let the little monsters do it for her and the banner that they held up matched her outfit: It was a black banner with white lettering. That coordination was no coincidence.

When asked what opening the VMAs means to her, the Mother Monster proclaimed, "It means the world to me. I feel blessed every day."

Gaga then took a question from the crowd and said that the video for 'You & I' is a metaphor for wanting to make something work with someone you love but sometimes there is a boundary that you just can't overcome. She said that shouldn't stop you from imagining something more.