The BBC seems to know something that the Grammys don't. The British media outlet reported that Lady Gaga will both open and close the 54th annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 12.

This is the first we've heard of Gaga doing a performance at the Grammys this year. She has not been announced as an official performer yet, much less been confirmed as the show's bookends, either.

The BBC did not say where they got the news -- it hasn't been confirmed on the Grammys website, either. We did some sleuthing and can't find anything else that looks official regarding this news. So either the BBC scooped everyone or got some bad information.

Gaga rocked the Grammys stage last February and she did open and close the MuchMusic Awards in Canada in June of 2011, so she is no stranger to pulling double duty. However, this would be (mother) monstrous news in the Grammys world and we'd expect a huge announcement to surround this information. PopCrush would love to see her perform twice, since we know she'd craft two completely different set ups and outfits. But there's no guarantee that she will perform even once.

Hey, Grammys folks, is Gaga performing twice to open and close your show? Is she even performing once? We're dying to know!