The name "Mother Monster" is going to take on a whole new meaning for Lady Gaga, and she plans to open an orphanage in India!

The singer, who spent the past few days in India to promote and perform at the official afterparty of the Indian Grand Prix, isn't spending all of her free time fingering fabrics in New Dehli stalls or visiting spice markets while in the country! The singer admitted on NDTV that she wanted to visit orphanages (among other things, like directing the 'Marry the Night' video) while in India. Now we know the reason for visiting the children: She is doing research so she can one day open her own!

The Sun reports that Gaga insisted that her managers build some time into her crazy schedule so she could stop by a few orphanages. A source allegedly told the paper that "Gaga would one day like to set up a foundation in her name to help children and, now her career has really taken off, she feels as if it's the right time to do something. She isn't the type of celebrity who just throws cash at things though."

So Gaga doesn't want to just make a donation and be done with it. She wants to roll up her couture sleeves and get her dagger-nails dirty by actually doing research, learning about the area and doing things properly. It's that Italian work ethic her family installed in her. The source also said that the Mother Monster "wants to research it all properly and do something huge. She knows it will be a massive amount of work but she wants to start by getting involved in some orphanages that already exist and devote some of her time and money to helping them."

As previously mentioned, Gaga did squeeze in some retail therapy yesterday. She visited stalls in the city center and reportedly stuffed 10 bags full of material, jewelry and other culture ornaments.

Gaga isn't the only pop star to open an orphanage. Madonna funded one in Malawi and later adopted her son David.