There's an egg throwing epidemic in Sydney, as Lady Gaga is the latest pop star to have eggs tossed at her while in the city. Gaga is Down Under promoting 'Born This Way.'

Undercover FM reports that as the pop diva was leaving the local nightclub The Arq on Wednesday, a prankster hurled eggs at her. Luckily, the Mother Monster did not end up with egg on her face, as the egg tossers missed her, hitting another innocent bystander instead. What a soggy mess that must have been.

Other recent targets of egg tossers include fellow pop sensation Justin Bieber. While performing at the Acer Arena in Sydney in April, the Biebs just missed being slimed by eggs that were thrown at him. Cody Simpson, a native of Oz who is experiencing teen pop success in the US, was also the target of hurlers who threw eggs at him during a show at the Miranda Fair shopping center in May. We're guessing that there's no shortage of eggs in Australia.

Gaga recently debuted a new look while traveling in Australia, where her face was completely covered by a sheer lace sheath; perhaps she should consider donning that to protect herself from the eggers for the next few days. After all, no one likes egg on their face in literal or figurative fashion.

Or maybe she should drag the famous egg in which she carried down the Grammy red carpet this past February out of storage and travel in that to protect herself from being smashed with eggs. How ironic -- the protect yourself from egg tossers while encased in an egg!

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