A couple days ago, we showed you the (somewhat NSFW) print ad for Lady Gaga's new fragrance, Fame. Now we're getting a peek at how the new scent was made.

Well, sort of.

Normally, labs are pristine facilities with a bunch of well-scrubbed people in crisp white coats running around or peering into microscopes in an effort to look like they're curing cancer or ferreting out the latest in flesh-eating bacteria. But Haus Laboratories apparently does things a little differently.

According to the clip it released, light sources are in short supply and the dress code entails a lot of bare skin. There, we see "technicians" who look a lot like the dancers in Madonna's 'Vogue' video mixing various concoctions while a French narrator describes the making of Mother Monster's fragrance.

"The first of its kind in fluid technology," the subtitles read. "The first ever black Eau de Parfum ... Black like the soul of fame but invisible once airborne. Made from Pulverized Apricot, Crushed Heart of Tiger Orchidea, and Tears of Belladonna. This is the formula of Fame."

Maybe it's just us, but that sounds pretty violent. Then again, the whole spectacle goes right along with the "blood and semen" Lady Gaga said she wanted her first scent to smell like -- so we'll see how much hype meets reality when Fame is released later this summer.

Watch Haus Laboratories Create Fame in New Ad