Attention little monsters of the male persuasion! Want to know what it would take to bed Lady Gaga? Well, the Mother Monster wants a man who is both physically and mentally well-endowed. That's not too much to ask, is it?

According to The Sun, Gaga said that her preferences when it comes to the opposite sex are both physical and mental, and not always at the same time. She said, "It ranges from a really big d--- to a degree at Harvard." Ya hear that, boys? If you want to have a 'Bad Romance' with Gaga, you better be packing some inches below the belt and having some deep and educated thoughts between the ears.

In addition to being hung like a horse and brainy, Gaga also said she looks for "talent and perseverance and pushing the boundaries of love and acceptance" in a potential mate, for one night or otherwise. Sounds like she is on the hunt for the male version of her alpha female self.

Gaga recently revealed to Vanity Fair in the January 2012 cover story that she likes creative types but that she has never felt cherished by a lover … Yet. She also admitted that her romances start out wonderful --"unicorns and rainbows" was how she described them -- and then quickly sour, so she bounces. So little monsters needn't worry that she'll put off making music and entertaining them in favor of domesticity and settling down. In fact, Gaga is avoiding doing both!

She also reportedly said, "I'm not ready to buy a house. It feels like marriage or something. It's such a commitment, I don't like it. I do love being with my parents but I also just really fear domestication. I just don't have a home, I am 25 and buying a house feels a little weird."

All in due time, Gaga! Settling down, paying a mortgage and living the life of a domestic goddess aren't in the singer's sights right now, but performing and traipsing the globe are.