The Born This Way Ball tour drama appears to be behind Lady Gaga. The protests have died down, but her fashion sense hasn't been dampened by all the nonsense surrounding her trek. She rocked a short, cheekbone-skimming pink bob with heavy bangs, which reminded us of ever-stylish Vogue editor Anna Wintour. That is, if Wintour went punk rock and got all monstered out! Gaga also looked divine in a sleeveless purple dress upon arriving in Brisbane.

While we were all worried about the Mother Monster's head and health after she suffered a concussion upon being bludgeoned by an errant stage prop (and a clumsy dancer, mind you) at her Auckland, New Zealand show, she looks utterly fab while deplaning in the photo above.

Okay, so she wasn't bludgeoned. She just got a love tap that was intense enough to give her a concussion. Perhaps she rocked the short, pink bob since her noggin was tender after the injury and the weight of one of her famous long wigs would have applied too much pressure on her healing head.

Whatever the case, Gaga looked stunning and uh-mazing in that figure-hugging, royal purple dress with a corseted bodice, which she paired with purple pumps and black leather gloves. She matched her shades with the eggplant hue of her dress, too. There isn't a pop diva working today who accessorizes better than Gaga. It's an immutable fashion fact.

If we could raid her closet for an hour, we'd lose our minds. We know Gaga has deferred to her sister Natali as the Germanotta's family's fashion designer,  but Mother Monster really needs to get her hands dirty designing. Take off those gloves, Gaga, and start sketching. We command you.