Move over, Pink and Katy Perry. You're not the only pop divas out there who can rock pink hair. Lady Gaga showed off pink-tinted locks,which are white blonde underneath and at the roots. Yes, it's probably a wig, but you can't deny that this is a gorgeous look for the outrageous, fashion-forward star and hair chameleon.

She posted the photo on her LittleMonsters site, as she was 40 minutes away from hitting the stage at one of the gigs on her Born This Way Ball tour. She's always thinking of and sharing with her monsters, isn't she?

Her hair is big and voluminous, like a country star's, tumbling around her shoulders in waves. The whisper pink hue is subtle, but Mother Monster, who has dealt with a body backlash after she gained a few pounds, sparking the Body Revolution movement on her site, is a stunner in this photo. We're clutching our chests (and staring at hers -- check out that cleavage!).

It's like the result of Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefani, Jean Harlow and Dolly Parton being harvested in a petri dish. Her makeup artist Tara Savaleo did a bangin' job with Gaga's eye makeup, too. They extended, extreme winged, black, cateye liner gives off the aura of Old Hollywood glam, too. There's a tinge of modern anime to her look, as well. It's a collision of classic and contempo at once.

Okay, PopCrushers. We've seen Gaga with Orange Crush soda-colored hair and with Louis Vuitton brown hair, which she has rocked for quite some time. Now she's showing off some petal-hued, white hot hair, as least for her stage show. What do you think? Should she keep this look?

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