Lady Gaga previewed a high fashion ensemble from Burberry Prorsum's Spring/Summer 2012 line while in London. It's a London-based fashion house and an iconic brand, so when in London, Gaga did as a Londoner.

Gaga wore the ensemble today (Nov. 17) and her Ladyship looked posh. In true Gaga fashion, she still stood out. But not just because of the bright, cobalt blue skirt and the print and color mixing in the show-stopping blazer.

It was the accoutrements that Gaga paired her ladylike outfit with, such as the massive round black sunglasses and the big-brimmed black hat, that turned our heads. However, her most standout accessory was the leather driving gloves in a rich plum shade.

Gaga's look was a stark contrast to the runway version, where the model wore a white, ski-style hat and gripped a clutch. It's all about the styling and what you wear it with that determines how the overall outfit looks.

So who wore it better? While both versions are stunning and well-styled, we're going to go with Gaga, of course. Her unique accessorizing and the panache with which she struts while wearing the outfit ensures that she wears it and not the other way around.

Watch this outfit fly off the high end racks at Burberry's stores and retailers now that Gaga has endorsed it by wearing it.  Looking good, as always, Gaga.