Mo' money, mo' problems! While Lady Gaga is perched atop the pop music mountain, she is not immune to common celebrity problems like lawsuits. Gaga's producer Rob Fusari, who has worked with the songstress for years, christened her 'Lady Gaga,' dated her and even sued her himself, is at the center of a legal tussle waged by Purple Crush, an electro-pop pair from Brooklyn but based in L.A.

First off, Purple Crush, huh? They're a P-Crush just like us. Now that we got that out of the way, LA Weekly reports that the husband-and-wife team are suing Fusari over outstanding payment for work they did on Gaga's latest smash, 'Born This Way.' While the tracks that Purple Crush -- that's Isla Cheadle and Jared Selter -- composed were not used on 'Born This Way,' they are still owed compensation since they put in hundreds of studio hours. They also claim that they are owed money for work they did for other Fusari artists, such as Macy Gray and Greyson Chance.

Cheadle and Selter claim that Fusari would send them song parts, like a line or a chord, and they would then compose tracks, which would in turn be shipped off to his clients to write lyrics or melodies to. Fusari told the pair that their songs were contenders to appear on 'Born This Way' and even claimed he'd get them a recording contract.

"It became this struggle between us as artists and us as employees," said Cheadle. "Getting us a record deal became this carrot he dangled in front of us."

Cheadle and Selter tried to get Fusari to settle for $10,000 earlier this year, but he wasn’t having any of it. He then sued them for $15,000. They are now countersuing and trying to find a lawyer that they can afford and that wants to represent them in this sticky matter. What a mess!