Lady Gaga has no problem taking credit for her own work, but she also makes sure to dish it out to others when it's due. When the media began crediting Gaga for the proliferation of electronic dance music, she set the record straight.

Mother Monster spoke to MTV about the popularization of the genre. "I think that radio has had the biggest influence on the rise of electronic dance music," she told MTV. "I was just one of a few artists at a certain sort of time in radio where more dance music was being played on top 40, but I'm not the person to thank for that. The people to thank for that are at KIIS-FM and at the other stations around the country who gave dance music a chance."

Gaga also pointed out that DJs (like Skrillex and David Guetta) are receiving the recognition they deserve now, too. "It's nice to see DJs being honored in new artist categories," Gaga said, "but I think we still have more work to do, especially with the different academies that honor music. I think dance music should also be credited as pop music, and vice versa, the way that country and pop is, the way that R&B and pop are."

While she agrees there's more work to do, Gaga's happy about the way things are going so far. "We still have a ways to go, but it's moving in a wonderfully fast and interesting direction."

Watch Lady Gaga Talk to MTV About EDM