After debuting her new video for 'You & I' on MTV tonight, which was the broadcast premiere since the vid leaked online on Tuesday, Lady Gaga participated in a chat where she indulged little monsters and their questions. Lucky little monsters congregated in the MTV studios while others tweeted questions online; Gaga was a trooper as she addressed their queries.

While she answered standard questions about how her performances relate to one another, she also revealed some new nuggets of information like her favorite concert ever (it was Radiohead) and how she feels about her fellow VMA nominee Adele ("I think she's wonderful. She's really nice. I know that sounds strange, but you meet so many people in this business and many of them are not very nice. She is the extreme exception.")

Gaga is always frank about her love affair with fame and she said the concept of fame exists outside of time and space. "I don't believe it exists when they say, 'Ladies and gentlemen, Lady Gaga.' It exists when I choose for it to exist."

She also introduced a little monster who runs, which raises self-esteem through YouTube videos and thus deters bullying. After all, if you feel good about yourself, you won't try and take down or attack others.

When asked what are three things she'd do if she was president for a day, Gaga listed finding alternative uses of energy; making marriage equal; and world peace, the latter of which she said in a dramatic tone of voice.

In the "lightning round" of inquiries, she said her favorite accessories are shoes; that little monsters are free, brave and can change the world; that 'Creature From the Black Lagoon' is here favorite horror film; and that the best birthday gift she ever got was a piano her father got for after she learned to play Bruce Springsteen's 'Thunder Road.'

We all learned a little bit more about Gaga during this live chat.