Lady Gaga is doing well for herself financially, but there's always room to add another cool milli to her bank account, right? Wrong! Mama Monster turned down a $1 million offer to perform at the Republican National Convention last year.

The news that Gaga said, "Thanks but no thanks," to the Republicans became public knowledge thanks to a lawsuit filed by the American Action Network, a not for profit fundraising organization that sued the event organizer tasked with booking talent for the August convention.

Other artists and celebs were invited to attend, but Gaga's offer trumped them all. An additional $150,000 was tacked on as a donation to a domestic violence shelter, but Gaga stood firm and chose not to be a part of the festivities. Pitbull also rejected an offer to perform.

Perhaps if the party changed its stance on, we dunno, gay marriage, maybe, Gaga might have been more apt to tickle the ivories and sing 'Born This Way.'

Gaga's personal platform is decidedly at odds with that of the Republican political agenda. She is a huge advocate for gay rights, so it would seem odd that a talent booker would pursue such a liberal artist for a conservative-leaning party convention.

Gaga did perform at a private Obama event after his second inauguration and she also revealed last November that she did vote for the current president.

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