There's a growing food crisis in East Africa and that's why Twitter happy celebs like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Eminem, to name a few, are using their Twitter accounts and Facebook pages today to raise awareness and alert the public about the crippling food shortage affecting 10 million people. It's one of the worst food crises in decades and one million children dying of starvation if help is not on the way!

According to Billboard, this social media effort has a goal is to reach an audience of 700 million people globally and given the A-list star power of the aforementioned acts, it's a totally reachable and realistic goal. 150 other pop culture, fashion, music and sports figures are participating in this initiative for Save the Children, which distributes food, funds, water and medicine for those in desperate need.

Bob Marley's 'High Tide or Low Time' is used in the campaign due to its message, along with a short film short by Kevin MacDonald, which can be downloaded via iTunes or viewed here. Marley's widow Rita said, "Not one child should be denied food nor water. Not one child should suffer. Along with Save the Children, we must stand up together as friends to put a stop to this, to feed our children and to save their lives."

Watch the Save the Children Video