Lady Gaga is known for tickling the ivories at her shows. The piano is her instrument of choice. But the Mother Monster is also fond of the keytar, which is obviously a variation of her favorite musical toy. The keytar itself is not a cool instrument by any means, but when Gaga straps one on while on tour, the cool factor is upped in an instant.

Gaga tweeted a shot of her playing the keytar during her Seoul gig, which took place on April 27. She posted: "I could barely sleep last night. It was the 2nd highest attendance of fans in the History of concerts in Korea." Despite the show being banned for any South Koreans under the age of 18, it was still a massive success overall. The Mother Monster's trip to Asia is certainly paying off with lots of eligible little monsters coming out to see her.

You can catch a somewhat upclose glimpse of her costumes on the Born This Way Ball tour in this image. She's rocking a dark, leather bra studded with grommets and hardware and a leather jacket with some statement making shoulders. It transports us to the '80s, when big big and bold shoulders were in vogue. Gaga's bringing it back. She was born in the '80s so that era's fashion is in her DNA.

We also love super short bangs paired with what looks like extra long platinum blonde ponytails with volume on either side.