Lady Gaga is embroiled in a feud that, for once, has nothing to do with Madonna. The 'Marry the Night' singer is the subject of a lawsuit between a Russian television company and a Miami-based management company. Is Mother Monster going to get served?

Not quite. TMZ reports that the TV service ZAO, which owns the Russian network MUZ-TV, claims it paid $1.5 million to book Gaga for their upcoming MUZ-TV Awards in June. Apparently, the deal fell through, but ZAO has yet to be refunded.

ZAO further claimed that NWE doesn't actually have the necessary connections to book Gaga that they promised and that they lied about their capabilities to grant access to the singer. What's more, ZAO says that NWE took an extra $300,000 (in addition to the $1.5 million for Lady Gaga herself) for a brokerage fee. Ouch!

As a result of the financial fiasco, ZAO wants all of its money back plus damages. NWE has yet to comment on the charges. Gaga hasn't commented either, but since she's not actually being sued, that's not too surprising. She has other things on her mind -- like her new single, her folks' new restaurant, and her cute boyfriend!