This season of 'Saturday Night Live' went out with a big ol' bang last night, with Justin Timberlake acting as host and musical performances from pop superstar Lady Gaga. The mother monster played three tracks off of her album 'Born This Way,' which will be released tomorrow, Monday, May 23.

For her first set of performances, Gaga performed a mashup of her newest singles, 'The Edge of Glory' and 'Judas.' Gaga started off by slowing down her third 'Born This Way' single, 'The Edge of Glory,' in an intimate piano performance. Wearing a metallic headpiece, a cropped black and blond wig, pleather bodysuit, and her latest beauty mark facial adornment, Gaga sang some of 'The Edge of Glory' lyrics before giving way to a full-on, choreographed performance of her scandalously religious single, 'Judas.'

During 'Judas,' Gaga hit the blinged-out gold and black 'SNL' stage for a vigorous, complete with hard-hitting choreography and Gaga wailing "wah ah ah ah" during the pre-chorus. As usual, it was clear Lady Gaga was throwing everything she had into her performance, making us viewers incapable of pulling away from our television sets.

For her second performance, Gaga tantalized 'SNL' fans with a theatrical performance of her hit single 'Born This Way.' Appearing onstage in a decorated vessel reminiscent of her Grammy egg, Gaga was birthed from the smoky device onto the stage wearing leather pants, a matching midriff leather top, and a blond and black ponytail. With a troop of dancers backing her up, Gaga wowed us again with her ability to sing and execute elaborate dance moves simultaneously.

Towards the end of 'Born This Way,' during her "don't be a drag, just be a queen / whether you're broke or evergreen" bridge, Gaga's dancers surrounded her, and the singer disappeared into the middle of the group. As the beat picks up again, the dancers drop to the ground revealing Gaga and her faux pregnant belly, bringing quite a literal translation to the song's lyrics. Her dancers raise her up, placing the singer on what looks like a blinged-out birthing bed, complete with stirrups, as she "delivers" a downpour of glitter.

Gaga not only performed last night, but she also appeared in a few skits. She showed off her comedic acting chops in a drunken sketch with Justin Timberlake, and also had a 'Three-Way' with 'SNL' regular Andy Samberg and J.T.

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'The Edge of Glory' and 'Judas' on 'SNL'

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'Born This Way' on 'SNL'