Lady Gaga's influence is felt far and wide, including by a boxer who dealt with bullying as a teen. Fighter Fes Batista has confessed that the sole reason he is alive is Lady Gaga's music. True story.

The boxer, who is from a Pakistani family but is now training alongside Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s team --remember, Mayweather was a onetime "associate" of Justin Bieber-- said that he was victimized by bullies and was thisclose to committing suicide when Gaga stepped in and made him rethink his actions via her music.

"I was a victim of racial abuse with people even calling me a terrorist," the boxer, now 23, said. "I used to stay up crying all night. I was so upset that I got a knife and put it to my neck. I also put it on my wrists and thought, 'I’m going now – I am going to do it.'"

Then, by some act of God or fate or some action of the cosmos, Lady Gaga's song 'Marry the Night' came over the speakers of his laptop. "Right away, I realized that I had problems – my 'night' if you like," Batista revealed. "And, as Lady Gaga suggested in the song, I married my problem and accepted it. That was the starting process."

Wow. That's the true power of music -- when Gaga's words can help get someone off the dangerous path of suicide. While Batista may not outwardly identify as a little monster, he is one by virtue of this moving and compelling story.