With Adele and M.I.A. making headlines lately for giving the finger at public music events, lest we forget that Lady Gaga also flashed the single finger salute at a baseball game two years ago. Gaga was attending a Mets game in Queens, despite the fact that she is a Yankees fan. She caused an uproar for being scantily clad and by flashing the bird to photographers. It might seem like a long ago, dead issue, but it's the Mother Monster who is bringing it up again and resurrecting the discussion, revealing that her dear old dad, Joe Germanotta aka Papa Monster, was more upset that she gave the finger and that she went to see the Mets than the fact that she wore a bikini.

In her column in V, Gaga revealed that Papa G scolded her after the incident. She wrote, "It was the first time in nearly two years that I was scolded by my father, partly for misbehaving in public and partly for attending a Mets game. But that's the beauty of baseball, isn't it? I was able to drown myself in so much whiskey, beer and Italian sausage that after two years of touring the world I: (A) completely forgot that I was famous, (B) was completely wasted indeed, wearing my costume from the 'Telephone' video and (C) am still confused how the paparazzi spotted me. What a lady."

Could you imagine Papa G giving Gaga –er, Stefani- a hard time about attending a rival Mets game and flipping off cameras? She may be famous and an adult, but she's not too old for Dad to tell her when she's doing something he thinks is wrong. It's an Italian thing.