'Female Sea Captains,' an unaired skit from Lady Gaga's stint as the host of 'SNL' (Nov. 16), has landed online, and this one gives new meaning to "There she blows!!!" Oh, how we wish this had been a part of the episode. It's hysterical.

As the voiceover informs us, years ago, Connecticut was a prosperous whaling state until all the sea captains got scurvy or herpes -- they're not sure which. Women replaced their husbands at the helm of their oceanic vessels.

Gaga and her seafaring ladies abandon their feminine charms, sing sea shanties and happen upon merman (the male counterpart to mermaids) and quickly decide that they are not suitable mates.

Gaga steers the ship as the lead female sea captain, and she's hilarious. She and the cast deliver a sea -- natch! -- of nautical puns with a twist. You know, phrases like "shiver me tampons" were dropped amid "walk the plank" and "there she blows."

The white whale that the females are in search of is not 'Moby Dick,' but 'Moby Puss.' Again, totally brill.

This one was definitely for the ladies, the ladies.