Someone is turning into a punk rocker and her name is Lady Gaga. Fresh off crashing Pitchfork's festival in Joan Jett rock fashion, with a shaggy black hairstyle and tattered tee, Lady Gaga debuted a septum piercing.

That's the type of nose ring that makes one look like a bull, since it's between the nostrils.

It's certainly a rock 'n' roll look for Mama Monster. She shared the photo on her Little Monsters site and cryptically wrote: "No need to define the image of the 'icon.' Im not just one 'icon.' I am 'every icon.' I am both student and canvas. I am many shapes. I'm shapeshifter."

Yeah, we have no idea what she's talking about it, but it sure sounds flowery. So maybe her new facial hardware is part of that shapeshifting. Hey, at least it's removable, unlike the permanent tattoo she got on her head...