Lady Gaga is a quite the sexual creature, as she is known for performing in revealing costumes and recording erotically charged songs. Now Gaga, who has always promoted safe sex to her fans, is sharing her sexual knowledge with her female worshipers.

According to Perth Now, the 25-year-old songstress told her female fans that sometimes less is more when it comes to activities within the boudoir. "It's always been important to me, as it's for my generation, a most relevant consideration when you're growing up. Sex doesn't mean nothing; sex means so much," Gaga said.

"I hope that young women know that sex is still a big deal, and they don't have to put out soon," the 'Boys Boys Boys' songbird explained. "If they want someone to court them for a while before they give it up, that's wonderful and beautiful, and a man will only respect you more for honoring your body. I am that way."

Well said, Gaga. It's important for women to understand that sex is a very complex and serious thing, and if you abuse it, it can bring about negative consequences. So remember, be careful when you're deciding whose "disco-stick" you're going to ride.