Lady Gaga wants to communicate with all of her little monsters, including the ones who are deaf. Hollywood Gossip reports that the Mother Monster is planning to put her paws up -- literally -- and learn American Sign Language so that she can converse with her fans that are hard of hearing.

Apparently, Gaga, who has the busiest schedule known to mankind, is planning to carve out some time with a personal tutor so she can learn to sign. Clearly, there is nothing that Gaga can't and won't do to connect with her monsters.

Gaga was reportedly inspired after watching YouTube clips of her deaf fans signing to her songs, once again proving that digital means are always a direct link to Gaga herself. You, too, can post a video of something related to, or celebrating, Gaga and there is a terrific chance that Gaga will actually see it -- and it will inspire her!

A Gaga source said that once the 'Born This Way' singer masters sign language, she can respond in turn to the videos that are posted online. Gaga isn't stopping there, and really, why would she? The singer reportedly plans to incorporate sign language into future concerts.

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