Her Indonesian show, which was sold out to 52,000 little monsters, has yet to be confirmed, but Lady Gaga still looked beautiful at a press conference in Sumida, Tokyo, held yesterday (May 15) at the Tokyo Skytree (a restaurant and broadcast tower). Gaga was gorgeous and fashion-forward in her mirrored, silver-scaled dress.

Her blond mane was topped by a silver hat and she wore sky-high silver pumps -- those are Louboutins, a fact given away by the red sole -- paired with black leggings. We. Love. The. Skirt. It’s similar to the white one she is wearing on the Born This Way Ball tour and the new version of the meat dress, with its hooped construction. This silver-scaled skirt has a bit of a train behind it, too, making us wonder how she’d sit in it.

Gaga also shared a photo via tweet about her new hair color, which she described as "fox blonde." That image and tweet are below. We can't tell if it's the lighting or not, but it's an ombre-look and we likey.