Lady Gaga is featured in Italian Vanity Fair, no doubt a special spread for her since she is proudly of Italian heritage. The Mother Monster goes S+M in one of the photos, showing off her dominatrix side in a studded, strapped leather bra with a neck harness.

She's also paying homage, intentionally or not, to Amy Winehouse with extreme winged eye liner that stretches out past her eyebrows.

Her tri-color hair is also like a windmill of strands surrounding her head, with blonde, red and brown hues. It's like an autumn harvest of hair!

Is there any look that Gaga can't pull off? She has shown herself to be fearless with her fashion choices, and this photo is no different. There's a wild, whirling dervish energy to this image, and it radiates off the screen.

Amen fashion, baby.

In case you missed or forgot all about her American Vanity Fair cover from about a year ago, check out the couture photos and quotes here.

PopCrushers and little monsters, what do you think of this strong and sexy image of the Mother Monster? Hotter than lava, right?

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