If there is one person we think can dance, it's Lady Gaga. She is known for her intensely choreographed routines, so we couldn't think of a better pop diva suited to dole out advice to aspiring dancers on 'So You Think You Can Dance.'

Gaga sat on the judge's panel of tonight's episode, wearing a loud red paisley blazer with square, extreme, statement shoulder pads and sunglasses. She also wore a red leather captain's cap, with her long, turquoise hair falling in waves on her shoulders.

But the Mother Monster wasn't there to simply look fashionable. She was there to offer her criticisms, both good and bad, about the eight remaining contestants, and that's just what she did. Since Gaga is so motherly and maternal, she dispelled advice with kindness, celebrating dancers for their statures and or their interpretations of the choreographers' goals. She certainly took the gig as a guest judge seriously and if these remaining dancers are smart, they will take Gaga's advice, absorb it, and apply it.

Midway through the show, Gaga told a petite contestant that she gave her hope, since "it's no secret that I'm quite short." She then lifted up her leg and placed it on the judge's table, revealing what looked like 12-inch platform heels in red leather, of course. She joked that they were a "fashion catheter" so she doesn't have to get up and go to the bathroom during the show.

Oh Gaga. Our grandmother always said that "beauty must suffer" and no one suffers more for beautiful fashion than you.

Gaga was also commenting on styling, on musical choices, on hand movements and the stories behind the dancing. She treated this job like she does her little monsters: With utmost care. One dancer made her cry and it wasn't crocodile tears. Yep, Gaga pulled a J. Lo, who often turned on the waterworks during 'American Idol' last season.

It's also worth nothing that this show isn't 'Dancing With the Stars.' It's much more artful, with the choreography being judged, while focusing more on the body and how the movements coordinated with specific elements of sound or imagery. It breaks down the actual moves and techniques that comprise a specific dance.

Gaga's best comment? She says that she takes her platinum plaques off the walls and it reminds her that she needs to work just as hard to stay on top, something she told a dancer who dangled her fingers like she has won lots of trophies and awards. Seriously, Gaga should be a guest judge on 'SYTYCD' every week.

Watch Lady Gaga Give Advice on 'SYTYCD'