Lady Gaga has landed. In South Korea that is. Her Born This Way Ball world tour launches next Friday (April 27), so the Mother Monster arrived in the region early, presumably for press and promotion of the upcoming batch of tour dates.

She turned up at the airport wearing a mask that was encrusted with pearls and that wrapped around the back of her head and was tied through her blonde pompadour bun. No uniform of sweatpants or Juicy Couture tracksuits paired with Uggs here. It's full on regalia for Gaga when it comes to flying.

Most celebs hit the airport in leisure attire but Gaga, pranced through security dressed to the nines. She blew kisses to Korean little monsters who greeted her when she arrived, snapping photos of her on their mobile devices.

Gaga also wore a low cut white gown that exposed just a hint of her boobies. It was adorned with gold piping and it swept the floor with its length. She also wore white gloves, looking regal and elegant. That's what we call making an entrance, as if Gaga would do anything less.

It's not the first time that Gaga has masked up like a super heroine. The singer wore a bejeweled mask on New Year's Eve in Times Square, pictured above, in which she smooched N.Y.C. mayor Michael Bloomberg.