Lady Gaga was at it again, causing a stir at a New York sports event. This time Gaga went to the gridiron, as she enjoyed last night's Monday Night Football game between the New York Football Giants and the St. Louis Rams. The thing is, she apparently drizzled some champagne over the railing of where she was seated, too.

The New York Post reports that Gaga was with friends in a luxury box and even tweeted from the game, writing: "Happy Birthday Brandon!! Love, Gaga-loo. We love you! @ #Giantsgame watching them win like Champions. Touchdown Baby! #GoBlue." She was enjoying the game and a friend's birthday, perhaps at the same time, and reportedly spilled champagne after a toast. She dumped it out over the railing in front of her, where it dripped into a section reserved for handicapped and disabled fans. No word whether or not the beverage landed on any unsuspecting fans.

Gaga showed her support of Big Blue by pairing an electric blue Giants cap along with a purpl'ish couture outfit, complete with a heavily jeweled neckline and a poufy, tutu skirt. Only Gaga can make sports hat look fashionable and wear s a gown to a football game. She also wore her signature dark shades throughout the entire (night) game.

While we dig that even a pop star like Gaga still supports her hometown teams, we have to disagree with her assessment that the Giants won like champions, as the Rams played rather sloppily and turned the ball over too many times, resulting in scores. Just sayin'.

We're left to wonder what happens to Gaga when she attends a sports event in her home town. Does her fandom just take over and cause her to behave a little badly? Is it the rush of adrenaline? She tends to get a little unruly when she's taking in a sports event.

She made a spectacle of herself last summer by giving the one-finger salute to New York Mets fan while hanging out at a Mets game. Her Met game antics caused a brief war of words with NY Mets fan Jerry Seinfeld.