Lady Gaga, a Muppet murderer?! Only when Hilly of the sister group The Hillywood Show is pretending to be her! In the comedic team's latest mini-movie, 'This Is Gagaween,' the sisters Hilly and Hannah (who directs) spoof Mother Monster and have her partake in a series of weird, Gaga-esque Halloween activities.

First of all, it's crazy how much Hilly looks like Gaga. We had to do a double take! In their 'This Is Gagaween' webisode, the Hillywood girls twist the 'Nightmare Before Christmas' tune 'This Is Halloween' (which has been performed by Marilyn Manson in the past) and transform it to a creepy ode to Mother Monster and her freaky Halloween festivities, which include but are not limited to murdering Kermit the Frog and hiding under your stairs and popping out from under your bed.

Perhaps the most astounding part of this movie is their dead-on Gaga impersonations and costume choices. They can be seen putting their paws up wearing things like Gaga's 'Telephone' American flag ensemble, an all black outfit with a teal bob, Gaga's signature giant beauty mark, and the infamous Kermit dress.

The best wardrobes of the entire mini-movie, however, are when one of the girls drags herself down the street in a mermaid costume while one is laid to rest in a coffin donning the skeleton makeup and suit Gaga rocked in the 'Born This Way' video. They even nail Jo Calderone! This is one elaborate and very entertaining Halloween-themed parody!

Watch the 'This Is Gagaween' Webisode