Lady Gaga shared new music -- sort of -- via Twitter where she tweeted a vocal "puzzle" for her little monsters to pair with the song 'Stache' by Zedd, who is also her labelmate.

It's an innovative way to share music. The end result remix is below, and it's called 'Stache (Princess High Stache).' It's decidedly electro and beat-fueled. Gaga delivers her vocals in a robotic, monochromatic and clinical way. It's not anything like the hardcore rapping of that whole 'Cake Like Lady Gaga' track.

The princess motif is recurring -- 'Princess Die,' the Disney Princesses references and the neck tattooed, cartoon version that serves as her Twitter skin and now this remix -- in Mother Monster's music as of late.

This is a disco-style dance song meant for the clubs. It's not as sweeping as anything we heard on 'Born This Way,' and when Gaga repeats "Where's my stache" over and over, we don't think she's talking about facial hair, but perhaps her weed "stash," since "high" does factor into the title. Just sayin'.

If this is the direction of 'ARTPOP,' we're in for synthy dance music on Gaga's next platter.

Listen to Lady Gaga's 'Stache (Princess High Stache)' Zedd Remix