When the mercury rises, Lady Gaga’s outfits go haywire and underwear becomes outerwear. One day after arriving at LAX (from Australia) and flashing the one-finger salute to the paparazzi all up in her grill, Mother Monster hit a local Starbucks to fuel up on caffeine. Of course, she did so in style, arriving at the coffee shop in full Gaga regalia, spiked heels and all.

She also wore a lace bodysuit with detailing, a black leather jacket with gold hardware. It was her bootie heels that stole the show. They're the type of shoes that girls who work at the Spearmint Rhino or the Crazy Horse would covet. Only Gaga doesn’t look like a stripper! She manages to fashion-ize even the most exotic dancer-like outfits. It’s a gift.

We’re not sure if she refueled with a venti mocha latte or a grande caramel macchiato, but she sure seemed in better spirits than she was when she was letting the paps know how she felt without uttering a syllable.

July is not exactly the best month to be wearing leather, either, but Gaga doesn't even break a sweat while cloaked in heavy material and sporting a long platinum wig.

We wonder what she is doing in L.A. Taking label meetings? Hanging with Taylor Kinney?

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