Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's classy musical performance on 'The Tonight Show' was contrasted with a bawdy story about a stripper that Gaga shared on the host Jimmy Fallon's couch.

The glamorously attired 'Cheek to Cheek' singers appeared on the show Wednesday night (Dec. 17), performing a pair of songs and sitting down with Fallon to discuss, among other things, the best advice they'd ever received from a stranger.

Bennett, ever dapper in a tuxedo, shared a story about a New York City cab driver who was more than blunt about what he thought about entertainers. Bennett now still sings occasionally without a mic because of that. Gaga, all blonde and shiny in a sequined white fishnet-accented gown, followed up with a hilariously raunchy story about an elderly stripper in Atlanta whose show Gaga caught. The woman had no idea that Gaga was in the audience when she performed along to one of the star's signature hits.

"She was doing something to 'Poker Face,'" Gaga said as she did the song's familiar hand movements, "and she had no panties on -- I'm sorry, Tony. She leans over and she goes, 'You know that Lady Gaga, she can really sing. I mean, if she just took all those clothes off and she just sang, she would be great.'"

Lady Gaga did reveal herself to the woman at the conclusion of the show and signed a very special gift to her. Watch the clip above to find out!

Bennett and Gaga returned to perform two songs from their new 'Cheek to Cheek' album, the title track and 'It Don't Mean a Thing.' Gaga also went solo with a rendition of 'Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye.' Check out both clips below.

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