Lady Gaga and Sugarland partnered up to perform Gaga's single 'You & I' at the 2011 Grammy nominations concert on Wednesday (Nov. 30.) It's only at a Grammy-sponsored event that custom, offbeat collabs, like Gaga and a country duo, are born. This duet closed the hour-long show where the nominees in major categories were announced.

Gaga, who opened the show with her brand new single 'Marry the Night,' came back for another round. She was seated at the piano, with a short, Marilyn Monroe-style wig and her lips painted blood red. She wore a black dress with a massive bow on her shoulder. Her eyes were painted with black circles around them, a reprise of the panda look she debuted in Japan over the summer. Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush stood and strummed their guitars and traded verses with Gaga.

Nettles improvised the lyrics, singing "Gaga, you and I," while Gaga herself changed the "with your high heels on" lyric to "with your high cowboy boots on" to suit her duet partners. She made suggestive, romantic eyes at the newly-married Nettles while they performed. You'd think there was a little somethin' somethin' going on there with the way the two blonde ladies were feeding off each other. It was as though Gaga was undressing Nettles with her eyes. Seriously!

Gaga also sang "Sugarland and Jennifer, I love you" at the end of the song -- it was truly a custom version of the tune. Little monsters aren't going to see 'You & I' done this way ever again. And that, pop music fans, is how you open and close a show.

Watch Lady Gaga and Sugarland Perform 'You & I' at the Grammy Nominations Concert